monthly printables from my journal to yours!

jlbCREATIVE Collage Club! A monthly printable group where I can bring work directly from my journals to yours.

Each month there will be a minimum of FIVE US Letter sized printable PDFs for you to download and use. If you’re familiar with my work you may know that I change it up pretty frequently, so you can expect to see a diverse range of printables filter through COLLAGE CLUB - from monthly numbers and sketchy doodles to full page backgrounds and illustrations from my personal journal collection.

Printables will rotate out after 4 months and become available for individual purchase on Etsy. Being a member of COLLAGE CLUB not only ensures regular and priority access to these printables, but also exists to provide the most affordable access to my personal work (monthly sets will list on Etsy for USD$15 each once they rotate out of jlbCREATIVE COLLAGE CLUB).

Members also receive a Limited Use License to use printable assets in transformative, handmade work to sell up to 50 (100 items, updated May 1st 2021) items per image.

Below, I have made the "Month at a Glance BACK CATALOG" open to preview so you can search through the different month's downloads and preview what is available. NOTE: since months rotate out after 4 months, will have access to the month you join + the previous 3 sets listed in the preview eg. if you join in July, you will have access to April, May, June and July. If you stay subscribed in August you will see April disappear and August uploaded.

If you see previous sets you would like to purchase that have rotated out of COLLAGE CLUB, you will find them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JLBCreativeCo

I can't wait to see what you create! Tag your work with #jlbCollageClub to share with our Creative Community!

- James.

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James Burke
James Burke

G'day friends, my name is James and I'm an Australian Professional Dancer turned Mixed Media Artist!

JameslukeburkeCREATIVE started as a passion project after a career-changing car accident, and quickly became my new dream. I aim to nurture the inherent creativity in others with encouraging, empowering, educational and accessible content, tutorials and products. I strive to share the joy of artistic expression and witness the pure happiness that comes from feeling completely creatively fulfilled.

Catch me in one of our LIVE Workshop experiences, or find a nice study-at-your-own-pace course - I'd love to share my passion for Art Journaling with you!

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